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I really need help, urgently. 



I’m not one to ask for charity, but at this point I really have no choice. This is urgent.

At the end of this month my mother is going to be evicted from the apartment she’s lived in for almost 11 years. She has no where to go and no money to go anywhere with. This morning her car was repossessed even after she had tried everything to keep up with payments. My mom has done temp jobs after temp jobs, even going as far as to have 3 jobs at once to try and keep her head above water. But because of her not having transportation, her last job let her go. Now she has nothing. 

My mother is always one to put others before herself, it’s something she’s always taught me to do. She’s the biggest inspiration in my life and to others around her. Even through years of hardship and struggles, she manages to be positive and keep a smile on her face. 

I want to help her as much as I can, but unfortunately that isn’t much seeing as I have no money and no job either. 

Here’s where I hope you can help. We have 12 days to hopefully reach $25,000. That will be enough to help her find a new place, get her car back, and help her along while she finds another job. I know this is a very short time but this is what we’re left with. I created a fundraiser on GiveForward:

Anything you can give will help, absolutely anything. Even if it’s only $5. If you can’t give anything I beg you to please reblog this to spread it around. We’ve never needed help more than we do now.

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asked by Anonymous:
"(not a confession) what was the URL for Kevin's blog in LWL?"

The URL was:


But unfortunately it isn’t a real website!

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Wow, I’m so sorry I’ve been on such a long hiatus, but I’m back and I’ve got a lot of work to do! Thank to all you guys for continuing to send in confessions and I’m sorry they weren’t up sooner. I’m working on them now :)


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